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Biofeedback and Stress Management Training


    Biofeedback training is a tool for learning relaxation and stress management skills. It facilitates self regulation  through the use of sensitive instruments monitoring changes in the body processes which the trainee,                     in turn, learns to regulate. Both children and adults benefit from biofeedback training.


    With daily practice, self regulation becomes a learned skill and the biofeedback instruments are no longer needed.


Why Biofeedback? - Because changes in psychological and physiological processes are involved in both normal functioning and in  the reactions to stress which lead to disease. When stress reactions are triggered too often    and not allowed to return to normal levels, physical and psychological symptoms may develop. Biofeedback training, stress management, and other therapeutic techniques can help bring these symptoms under control -    and YOU can take responsibility for prevention and control of your symptoms.


    Biofeedback has been found effective in the treatment of a variety of stress related diseases, including:


Migraine headache


Tension headache




Muscle spasm


Chronic pain


Anxiety and phobias




Learning disabilities




Menstrual pain




TMJ dysfunction


Neuromuscular rehabilitation


Raynaud's Syndrome


Bruxism - (teeth grinding)


Test and performance anxiety fatigue


Gastrointestinal disorders


Biofeedback Therapy


   The biofeedback therapist working with you will usually see you once a week in 50 minute sessions.       Treatment averages 8 to 20 sessions depending on the individual. A typical session includes both biofeedback training and discussion with the therapist who will give you materials and instructions for home practice.


   Biofeedback can be used as an adjunct to other medical, psychological, and physical therapies.                         We will work with any medical professional who is treating you to help you gain greater mastery over your life     and enhance your potential for health.