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Hypnosis is one of the quickest and most effective ways used today to help individuals effect profound and    permanent emotional and behavioral changes. Hypnosis was recognized by the American Medical Association in   1957 as a potent and effective tool in the treatment of many psychological and medical problems. It is especially helpful in the following areas -


Stopping smoking


Losing weight


Reducing stress, anxiety, and panic


Overcoming phobias


Pain management


Eliminating "bad" habits


Building self-confidence


Improving sports performance


Increasing motivation


Increasing concentration, study habits and memory for school and work


Preparing mentally for surgery


    Many of the problems listed above can be dealt with in a relatively short space of time. Most of our smoking    and weight control clients are seen only one or two times.


    Hypnosis is essentially a particular state of mind in which suggestions are not only more readily accepted than   in the waking state, but are acted upon much more powerfully than would be possible under normal conditions.


    Hypnosis does not induce sleep or cause loss of consciousness. In addition no subject can be made to do anything he or she would not ordinarily do while in the hypnotic state.