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Sports Hypnosis


 Most athletes focus their training and practice efforts at getting stronger, faster, increasing their endurance and honing specific athletic skills. Of course, these are crucial areas to develop in order to excel at any sport, however many athletes at the top of their physical prowess still find themselves underachieving in their sport. Why? An important reason for this often has to do with some type of mental interference. Athletes trying to compete (at a  high or low level) who lack self-confidence, have undo stress in their lives that is not being handled well, or are easily distracted by external or internal events will most probably find their performance suffering.


    Hypnosis is a very powerful, effective modality that can help athletes at all levels improve their competitive abilities by strengthening and enhancing the areas of mental functioning that are involved with competing and      the individual's specific sport. There are a number of highly effective techniques that can be used during the hypnosis session that can powerfully heighten the athlete's ability to perform.